Saturday, June 17, 2006

I feel pretty

Oh so pretty.

Somefinn else that's purrty....CLICKY HERE to go to the Animal Rescue Site & buy Tuxedo Kitty (like me!!!) housewares & stuff. They gots clothes, jewelry, schtuff for the yard & it helps to feed less fortunate go there!!


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Good morning Oreo! You are a most handsome 8 year old fellow. Happy weekend to your Momma from ours too!

Karen C. said...

You do look ever so purrrty posing there, Oreo. I took a quick click to get a look at the stuff and I see things I want. I'll have to go back on an buy it later this afternoon because I'm off to my first volunteer day at the shelter.

Anonymous said...

You are definitely one hansdome/pretty kitty, Oreo. I 'specially like your long white whiskers. Very expressive. My whiskers are white too, but they don't show up on me.
~ nala

utenzi said...

Happy birthday, Purty Cat. You look a little surprised up there on the railing. Didn't Mom tell you the flash was going to go off, Oreo?