Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anni-birth-a-versary Day!

Momma's Purrthday & her & Daddy's annifurrsary am on Tuesday. Momma nowed her was prolly gonna get sumfinn gud cause Daddy am gud at purresent buyin.......

Does efurrycat amember this pictor? This am frum when Momma & Daddy went to Lowe's Motor speedway & there wazzn't no racin goin on. Well, come Sunday Momma am gonna haff sum pictors of them at the track while there AM racin goin on!!! Daddy saved green papers (& maked up all kindsa stories so Momma woodn't gess what her was gettin) & byed them tickets to the race, but effurrybody kept askin what they was doin this weekend & wantin to do stuff wiff them so Daddy figgered he'd give Momma her purresent urly. Yay Daddy! You done gud again!

Momma hopes to see that man furry much. Her sayed her am gonna make a sine sayin her purrthday wish am to meet Jimmie & her's gonna go stand where they tape for the Speed channel (Ah Jenn, remember that?!?!) & schmaybe they will make it happen!! Oh, we wish it so!

The prollem wiff all this am a nite race & they am gonna stay down there & sweep in the car wich meens I is gonna be all lone Sunday day & night. I don wanna be lone!!! I WANNA GO TOO! What if Momma do get to meet Jimmie & I is not there!??! And who am gonna giff me mine stinky gudness early in the mornin???

Monday, May 14, 2007

Vote for me!!!

I has been nominated!!

Clik on the pictor to go to the site to vote for'll prolly haff to serch for boogieheadoreo though. Fanks you furry much in advance! :)

I's nominated here too!

And here....

And there!!! Fanks lots guys!!
(PS: There am lotsa owr furriends on dere too.)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Wake up kitty........

Dis am what I has been doin since my V-E-T a-point-mint.......

I like this froggie lots. He am so soft.

What Momma? Go 'way!

You am still here? Wiff dat camra?

Does you want me to put the bite on you?????

I has been tagged for a meme by Derby and the Kattonic Cats and Eric & Flynn! It am the 7 random fings bout me meme. SSSOOO...wiffout furrver ado...
7 Rondom fings bout ME!
1) I is terryfied of trash bags.
2) I is terryfied of tape measures.
3) I don like it when mine Daddy wares a hat!
4) I is a nip head, I is not in treetmint & I don wanna be!
5) I wubs the internets & all the wunnerfull furriends I has made on it.
6) I wanna catch a skwerrel so bad I can taste it! (And I heer it tastes like chick-hen!)
7) I wubs mine fambly furry much! (Efun mine Momma who taked me to tha V-E-T & let him stab me...)

I is so sorry we has kinda bandoned mine bloggie. It has been all way stress full round heer latelee. We will try to do betta bout posting! I hassn't bandoned mine furriends though! I is still readin all the bloggies! We wubs you guys!