Sunday, July 31, 2005


How gross is that! I went outside last night to catch one of those moths. (Timmy tells me they are Luna Moths.) This THING was sitting on the railing of the porch. Look at the pinchers on that thing. They're huge!

Ha, he's not ANY prettier from the front either! I thought about tearing him apart like one of the moths, but those pinchers dissuaded me! Well, I'm gonna get some sleep. That is if those tree frogs outside will shut up!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

My cousins.....

Hey everybody. Check this out. This is my cousin, Murphy. Isn't she a pretty puddie? She's got that long, soft, beautiful fur. All those different colors.... Anyway. That lizard is her brother Mahi-Mahi. You wouldn't think they would like each other, but look here....

She gived him kisses! On his scaly nose! Murphy's a sweet girl to give her brother kisses! (She's so pretty!) :)

Friday, July 29, 2005

Do any of you enjoy catching those HUGE green moths? I DO!!! I love to bring them in the house & chase them all over the place, ripping off pieces of their wings & stuff. (If you do it right you can slide with them & leave a trail of moth powder on the floor.) The best part though is taking it into your humans room & playing with it. If you trap it against the wall it will beat it's wings against it causing your human to get up muttering about "a half hour till the alarm goes off". They get up, stumbling around the room in the dark, (they can't see good like us), bumping into stuff & then try to catch the moth with you. Don't let them get it though cause if you do they will throw it back outside. Happy hunting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Here I am hiding in the closet. BECAUSE....My mom is trying to quit smoking & she was NOT in a good mood yesterday. That's why I didn't get to post. She keeps going on & on about the STUPID NICORETTE & how it's not working. Well, I think it needs to find a job so my mom will be happy again. Calling all puddies.... please pray for my mom. Pray the Nicorette will find a job & my mom can quit smoking for good this time.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Okay puddies, I admit it, I thought I was sneaky enough to pull this off. My mom almost busted me blogging! She thought I was sitting at the computer looking at what she was doing & thought it was really cute, so she got out the stupid flashy thing. But if I didn't have the fastest paws ever & closed the window, I'd have gotten caught! Next time she gets up to go to the bathroom I'm listening to see what she's doing before I get on my blog! Love to all the Tuxedo puddies! (OK, & all the other ones too!)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

TIMMY, TIMMY, look what I found in MY yard this morning!
I waked up with my mom & dad & when she went in the bathroom she showed it to me out the window. It was awful. He was eating our grass & stuff. But then I looked around & guess what!? He's got NEW accomplices.

It looks like he ditched the squirrell & hooked up with some of his own kind. I don't know why though, if he likes squirrells there are plenty of those around here. Well, Timmy, call the sherriff over at the Tuxedo Gang & tell him to come get the criminals!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Ok, let's get one thing straight, I am NOT afraid of the doggie in the kitchen named Hoover. It's a mean old thing that growls when my mom plugs it's tail into the wall. It's got a LLOONNGG tail. Mom controls the doggie by holding onto it's tail & the handle at the top of it's back. I don't know why she keeps it. She has to walk it every evening & the only thing I've ever seen it eat are the fuzz balls & dirt in the floor. How gross. One of these days my Mom is gonna let go of his handle & his tail & he's gonna come after me. Well, watch out Hoover, Oreo's a cheetah in disguise (without the ugly orange fur). I'll run through the house really fast to get in my hiding spot & then, when you come by, I'll jump on your back & take you down like a zebra!