Friday, January 26, 2007

Link to mine store!!

Uncle Danny am still in tha hopspittle & still needin purrayers. Fanks for all tha kind foughts & purrayers that you has all reddy sended up.

Want to link to mine store? Mom Robyn of the HOTmBC bloggie maded these badges up! If you wants to, you can use them to avertize for me! :) Juss make them link to Fanks so much for all yore helps!

This one heer am for mine pictors bloggie. Make it link to Fanks again!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Purray for Uncle Danny

Mine Momma's uncle Danny am in tha hopspittle wiff cancer & lotsa related issues. It am not lookin too good so puhleese lift him up effurry time you fink bout him. Fanks you lots & lots.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Store am open!!

Well, mine cafepress store am open. You can buy all kinds of stuff wiff mine bee-you-tea-full face on it! It am so kewl!
Support This Site
You can clicky here or use tha link in the sidebar to yore right. If you don like tha pictor on sumfinn but you like tha product then let us no & we will put tha pictor on it that you DO want. We am usin tha pictors from the Pictors for sale bloggie if you wants a different one. If you no of a pictor from mine blog that you wood rather haff, let us no & we will upload it!

(We has herd that lots of you am wantin to help us out. There am several ways you can do dat. You can go to mine store & buy stuffs for yoreself or your furriends & fambly. You can still buy auto-graffed pictors of me. Links for dat am still in the sidebar. You can go to & use the email address heathrob1 at aol dot com to send munnees. Or you can juss send us a check if you wants. If you email me Momma will give the address to you. You haves no idea how much it meens to us that so many of you want to help. Fanks you frum tha bottom of our harts.)

Ok, now go look at the kewl stuffs!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

We Am OK

I hadda put the bitey on Momma but her finally seed tha way & helped me post. We am ok. Not great but ok. Momma am feelin a little better cause her ant eye thigh roids meds am lettin her toprol werk & her hart rate am comin down some now. If you needs in formation bout us you can contact ML her knows all bout us. Or you can juss email me. :) Fanks for carin. We wubs all you guys.