Monday, September 07, 2009

We need some help

Hi, my name is Dreamsicle. I am 10 weeks old today. I need some help.

My Mommie & I REALLY need to find a good, safe, loving home to go to. The place where we are living now, well, it's not safe. There is a huge doggie that loves to eat kitties, for real, & the lady who owns the house doesn't keep the door closed so he can't get to us. Heather is very afraid for us. She says to tell you that I am one of the sweetest kitties she's ever known, I love to cuddle & give kisses & be held & I REALLY love to play. I am litter box trained & have had a dose of Advantage so I don't have fleas. My Momma is also very sweet but VERY over protective of me. She would probably not do well with other kitties. There is the possiblity that she could be pregnant again....(see irresponsible owner above). She will need to be fixed either way. Please, if anyone knows of someone who wants a kitty, let us know, the sooner the better.

That's my Momma. :)