Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter 2006 Secret Paws

OREO..... it came........

Oh Momma! Juss look what mine secrit paw sended me!!

I wubs it!

Snarf, gulp, snarf, smack, YUMMMMM!!

Oh, Nemo I fank you so furry much!
Update on Momma: Her wented to tha endocrinologist yesserday & he say up her Toprol dose, take this new medicine which stops her thigh-roids frum workin & go see tha vampires in tha base-mint. So her did & they taked 3 big tubes of mine Mommas blud!!! Her might needs that!!! So her gotta go back in a munth & they takes MORE blud & check her meds again. Blech! BUT, no surgery or radioactive pills for now. He does fink her will venshually haff to take a pill though.
Today he gotta go get a mole cut out frum atween her toesies. EW!! Fanks so much for all yore thoughts & purrayers in this diff-e-cult time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iodine Uptake Results

Oh, I herd Dr. Raplee on tha phone....what am her sayin????

Momma gots Graves Disease??? What am THAT??? Hyperthyroidism???? Same fing? Yup.

Oh Momma, I is so worried bout you. I wubs you. (See how little her foot am?!?! Daddy say she shood sue them for non-support!)

(The uptake scan showed a cyst in the left side of my thyroid & I do have Graves disease. I have to see an endocrinologist sometime soon. I started taking Toprol for the rapid heart rate last night. Don't like taking anything that slows down my heart!! Thank you so much to all of Oreo's (& mine) friends for helping us out. We truly appreciate it, especially since it looks like I'll still have to see specialists.)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heer Am Mine Terrible Pictors.....

Oh Momma! How cood you?!?! I am SO mad at you right now!

But Oreo, it has your Blogging friends on the back! I thought you would like it!

Does it look like I liked it? I'm takin it off!!

OH well, I think you looked adorable!

Amember effurrycat, Momma goin for part 2 of the New-clee-are thighroids uptake scan this mornin. Puhlease keep purrayin for her! We don wants NO surgery.....

Monday, December 11, 2006


Momma wented to tha hopspittle for that test ^& her gotsa go back tomorrow! Parently this am a 2 part test! I have got some TERRIBLE pictors for you to see. I will post them afore Momma goes back to the V-E-T. Fanks for all the purrayers.

Nuclear Thyroid Uptake Scan

Well now, today am Momma's "New-clee-are thighroids uptake scan" Her gotsa be there at 9:30. Effurrycat, puhlease, purray hard for her! We don want her to hafta haves surjery. Please God????

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Skeezix gots anofur kontest!!!

Skeezix gots a kontest goin on! It am anofur tale of devoshun kontest, cept this time tha kitties am writin it! Clicky to go read Mine story. Well, poem. There am lotsa good storys on there so go read Alla storys too!

They called bout Mommas stress test yesserday & they say effurryfing look good. How can it look good at 190 BPM is what this kitty wanna no!! But they did & so we guess Momma has a real good hart. :) I cooda tolded them that! Fanks so much for yore foughts & purrayers! They am much appreciated. Also for buyin mine Pictors to help wiff Momma's V-E-T bills!
Have a good weekend effurrycat!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Alright Now, Baby It's All Right Now....

Oreo...where are you????

What Momma? I was nappin wiff Daddy!

You better wake up & tell all those kitties that are concrned that the satellite dish is back up & working fine!!
Ok Momma....hey effurrycat, it am ok now. Am that good Momma?
I suppose.

In ofur news, Momma haded her stress test Monday. They gotted her heart rate up to 190 beats a minute!!!! It was stressful alright! Her don no what it said but I will pass on the results as soon as we no sumfinn. Her wented to the dint-tist yesserday & her gotsa go back tomorrow. I gess I'ma haff to start goin wiff her sos I can see her! Don forget, if you wants to get a pictor of me there am a link on yor right at the top.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Griffen A. Cross DDS

So this am Momma's dint-tist & his nursie. They look furry nice don they, but am they reelly? Am they not all meaniefied like ofur dint-tists & nursies????? Will they not hurts you tha furst chance they gets?

Momma say they AM furry nice & not meaniefied at all! And, and, and, they don hurts you! Momma say her root can-all dint hurt a bit!
Momma say if you anywhere near us & you need a dint-tist then go to Dr. Cross. Aktually, efun if yore NOT near us, you should still go to him!!
HHHMMM, I wunner if he werks on kitties........