Friday, April 28, 2006

I wubs mine Momma's jacket......

Nappin on the jacket.......It am so warm........

::Cracks one eye open:: Yes, Momma?

What do you MEAN it's not MY jacket????????

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Hanging Picture?????

Momma says it looks like I'm trying to hang myself.

I just wanted a closer look at the squirrels outside.

I GUESS it does KINDA look that way though.....

PS: Mom says nothin' wrong with mine ears, just itchy for a minute! :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ear itches

Does you effurr get that itching in your ears? That itching that makes you look like this?

Not funny Momma!!

PS: Please go over to Caturday to say goodbye to poor little Silas & try to comfort the humans.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Where a kid can be a kid.....

Look at what mine Mom & Dad broughted home last night!

At first I thought it was cool, my own mousie, but then he started getting attitude with me.

So, I got up in his face & I told him that this is MY house & he better straighten up or leave!

He's going to work with mine Daddy this morning. C-ya mouse, & take your maracas with you!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


I've been TAGGED by The Calico Girls!
Seems the object of this meme is to come up with 5 of my favorite puddin words. Yeah, I can do that!
1) Making Biscuits- This is where you kneed with your paws like you're making dough for biscuits!
2) Monsters with wheels- cars ::shudders::
3)Turtle- When you tuck your front & back paws & your tail under & around your body you look like a turtle!
4) Stinky Goodness- Canned, moist, yummy, yummy food!
5)Woofie- Dogs
5)Puddins- Cats
5)Schmaybe- Maybe
The last 3 were "borrowed" from the cartoon Mutts. I LOVE that cartoon.

I also want to say HAPPY PURRTHDAY!! To mine good furriend William (of Mass Destruction)! Effurrybody, clicky on his name & go say Hi!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Pretty kitty, pretty.....fungus????

Momma taked some pictures of me yesterday. They camed out REALLY good.

Aren't I just the cutest thing?!

Hi Momma, how you doin'?

Then she went outside & got some more pictures.

She wants to know if anycat or human knows what this is. It's growing on a few of the trees in our woods.

You can clicky the pictures to make them bigger.

PS: That snakie was just an old black snake, he WAS about 4 feet long though. (I wasn't skeered of it!!)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Springtime hunting

Spring brings with it all sorts of animals that come into my yard, just BEGGING me to fight them & run them off. Yesterday Momma saw me walking REAL slow at the edge of the woods & knew I was stalking something so she got the camera out...........

Very interesting. It's moving so slow. Let me get up above this thing so that I intimidate it even more.

MMMMMOOOMMMMM, You're gonna distract me & make me lose it. Go away.....

"NO! Oreo you can't play with that!!!" That' s what she yelled at me. How embarrassing! Like it could hurt me or something.

Bah! See it getting away? I TOLD you Mom.

(Click the pictures if you can't see it real good.)

They're baaaaack!

First & foremost, I gotta say, Dimples, my dear, I love you too!
Ok, on with the post.

Look, look!!! BIG GREEN MOTH!!!!!

(To the tune of "My Boyfriends Back")

My buggie friends are back
and they're gonna be in trouble
hey now, hey now, my buggies back!

PS: Mahi-Mahi has died. He had stomach cancer. Poor sweet lizard.........

Monday, April 17, 2006

Weekend update.... .... ....

This is how my Daddy spent most of Saturday.
(Sign says Auction, (blah, blah, blah,) if you don't feel like clicking!) :)

This am how my Daddy spent most of Sunday.
(Do you see that back wheel up in the air?!?!?!)

This am me watching.....I am NOT happy!
(But mine Daddy is.)

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Now that Jeremy doesn't have to go to the doctor for a while, everyone around here is tryin' to relax. I think I've jjjuuusssttt about got it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back from the Doctor

Well, Mom & Jeremy just got back from his appointment & the doctor says his blood work is still messed up (white count way high & something else real high, something else real low...) so he wants to re-do it when they go back on the first for the follow-up chest x-ray. So, more waiting. Please keep praying for him. Thanks a bunch. We will return to your regularly scheduled cat blogging tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The luckiest woman in the world......

A note from mine Mom:
Ok, for anyone who didn't read it yesterday, Jeremy has Mono. And pneumonia. He goes back to the DR Wednesday for more blood work & May 1st for a chest xray to check on the pneumonia. Please keep praying for him, especially since the Dr told me yesterday that we REALLY need to come in Wed. so that he can talk to me about the blood work results..........
Back to the cat............

Alright, does any puddin know what this building is?
This is the Hendrick's museum. (Jimmie Johnson's car owner)

That building there? That is where they build the cars & paint them & film commercials! Oh & Jenn Jeff Gordon's office is in there!

See the sign!

This is the engine department. They didn't get to go in there. Apparently THAT takes an act of congress!
So, here is what happened, Mom & Dad were getting ready to leave Charlotte & she really wanted to go to this place. Well, Dad thought they would be closed but they went anyway. They were closed. BUT! There was a tour bus there, Dad's aunt Linda said "let's just act like we're with them." So they went up there & tried to go in! This man came out & said "Sorry folks, museums closed, this is a private tour."
Well Mom was all depressed, she could see all the Jimmie Johnson merchandise in the gift store that needed buying! So she stood there for a minute just taking it all in & by the time she got outside Dad had talked the tour guide into letting them join the group!!
They gotted to go on the tour & that's why mine Mom is the luckiest woman on earth! Next time I'll be in the suitcase BEFORE they leave!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Lowe's Motor Speedway Charlotte, NC

Momma is going to call that old doctor's office AS SOON as they open this morning so she can find out what's going on with Jeremy's blood work. She will update as soon as she knows anything.
UPDATE: Just got the word from the Dr. He has Mono of all things! I'd love to know where he got it! He has to go back on Wed. for more blood work & May 1st for a chest X-ray for the pneumonia. AARRRGGG!!!

Happy Purrthday to mine Mom's Mom! She am ancient...uh I mean, 54 today! So, hope you have a furry good day. Love, your FIRST grandcat!

OK, so Mom & Dad went to Charlotte with Dad's uncle Doug (& aunt Linda!) for a BIG, HUGE, carshow. Mom said it was unreal the amount of cars that were there!

Here am my Momma in one of the turns of the track. She couldn't believe the banking!

Somebody hit the wall & messed up that purrty paint job!

This is a Roush engine. A 402IR. Momma wants this for her Mustang. If any of you puddins is rich, please buy it for her so she'll shut up! It's only $20,000.

They auctioned off one of Dale Jarret's old cars down there. Momma laughs everytime she sees this cause the sticker in the window said as is, no warranty! Go figure!

This am a goose that was hangin out outside their room Saturday morning. No they did NOT bring it back for me! Just one more thing to be mad about.....

Mom was unpacking all the crap that they took with them & she set the bag on the bed. When she came back, I was in it. They won't leave me overnight again!

This was all from Friday evening & Saturday morning. Tomorrow I'll tell you why mine Mom is the luckiest purrson in the world & where they went on Saturday!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well, Momma & Daddy haded to go to Charlotte, NC for the weekend. And let me tell you, I. AM. MAD. But anyway, I'll tell you about that tomorrow. For now, an update on Jeremy, he IS feeling better so that is great but Mom has to take him back for a chest x-ray to see how things are inside & we still don't know about his blood work. So PLEASE keep him in your prayers. Mom is gonna call first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well, Jeremy's cough has diminished A LOT, thanks to the hydrocodone they gave him. He was beginning to sound like a woofie! Not much going on around here since Mom's so concerned with getting him well. Please keep purraying for him. I know it's helping. Don't forget to pray about his bloodwork please!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Mine Mom & I want to ask for effurryone's purrayers for my (human) brother Jeremy. He had to go to the doctor yesterday cause he's been sick with that stomach virus & had developed a bad cough. Mom thought he might have bronchitis so she took him in & they did x-rays. Turns out he has pneumonia. He's lost a lot of weight though & there were a couple of other things that really concerned the doctor so he took some blood & sent it off. It should be back in about a week. Mom will be completely crazy by then. :)
So, anyway, please be praying that the pneumonia is the only thing wrong with him & also that he will get over it very quickly. Thank you so much.

Monday, April 03, 2006

WHAT are those?

Momma brought these back from her Mom's house after she dropped off my human brothers for the weekend. (The brothers have toys EVERYWHERE!!) As you can see, I'm not thrilled with these toys being here now.

Mom tried to get a picture of them by themselves but I wasn't about to let that happen!

So, she finally gave up.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

SO sweet!

Webkittyn left this comment yesterday.......
"Oreo, you are a beautiful kitty who takes wonderful pictures and I can't tell you how much I enjoy coming here and reading your stories and seeing your face.

Oreo's mom, thank you for allowing Oreo to share with all of us, this blog is one of my favourite reads of all time. "

That was the sweetest comment I believe I've ever gotten. Thank you so much Webkittyn!