Friday, November 23, 2007

Go visit....

Hey effurrycat! Mine Gramma-in-law has a new blog thing where her sells reefs for Christmas. Go check it out (& by a reef)


Monday, November 12, 2007

Update-ing you.......

Otay Momma, giff me a, hand, wiff mine bloggie puhleese.

We has not meaned to turn ower backs on this blog thing. It juss happened!!

Fings has been so crazy round here, furst Momma's healf prollems & sum purrsonall fings her has been goin frough, now her Momma am in tha hopspittle......CRAZY!!

We is all bout reddy to co-lapse!

Momma's Grave's Disease.......they gived her tha radio-aktiff eye-oh-dyin & it killded her thigh-roids. Dead. So now her am on sin-throid foreffur. They am tryin to get her levels straightened out now. Her am tyred alla time & her body am all wonky from her levels goin up & down & up & down &...... you gets it. :)

Sum of yous no bout her purrsonall prollems that I mentioned, that hole sit-chi-a-shun am still goin on too.

Momma's Momma am in the hopspittal. (This was on the Catblogosphere site last Thursday.) Hers gots con-jestive hart failure & reenal failure & lotsa fluid on her belly & hers gotta haff sir-jury for her mitral valve, it am narrowed. They don no if her valve can be repaired or if it will hafta be replaced & they can't go in to look at it till her kidneys am rite cause they gotsta use dye & if her kidneys don work rite then it cood cause irry-versable damage to dem.

Puhleese keeps purrayin for us. We needs em. We's sorry if'n we worryed effurrycat, we din't meen to. Forgiff us????

Well, I's tyred frum all dis talkin & helpin Momma type so I is gonna stop now. Fanks you for carin & fanks for comin to see us!