Friday, September 30, 2005

Oh Mousie, My Mousie

We are gather here today, to say goodbye to Mousie. He was in my house such a short time before he met his untimely demise........At my teeth & claws!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hey, you turkey!!

It's getting colder & around here that means it's turkey time!!! (No, not Thanksgiving....literally, the turkey's are back! Don't get too excited though, puddies, wild turkey is really gamey! And big, not even I will chase them!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Don't come back!!

Alright Mr. Turtle. Stay out of MY driveway. Mom came in a minute ago talking about how Frank Shelldon Turtle III is in the driveway again. Well, I'm sick of it so I laid down on my back & showed Mom my teeth. These are the only thing around here that turtle's gonna get! So go on home FRANK.

To make up for my bad attitude I decided to help MOm with the laundry, so I stared at her until she picked me up & I put my paws & head on her shoulder. Then she carried me around while she swiched the clothes from the wetter to the dryer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

No results yet.....

I was a good kitty yesterday. Mom was acting like she had to do something that she didn't want to do all morning. It wasn't the laundry, or the dishes or the hoovering, cause she did all that. Finally I figured out what it was when she picked up the phone. She was gonna call about her test results because it's been 2 1/2 weeks now & they said 2 weeks & Mom's really anxious about it!! SSSOOO....I climbed up on her lap & snuggled with her while she was TRYING to get through all the push 1, push 2 stuff! She finally got someone & I could tell she was upset so I rubbed my face on hers & purred! When she hung up she said the nurse told her it could take up to another 4 weeks for the results to come back!!! WHAT!! ::HISS:: Don't they know my Mom is upset & NEEDS to know what's going on?! Sorry to get on a soap box but I want to scratch someone!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

They're attacking.........

Giant inch worms from outer space are attacking! Every puddin, & woofie, & human, RUN!! Can you believe how big he is? And he can fly! Better find a hiding spot, quick.

What, Mom? Ok. Ok.

Mom says I have to tell you the truth, that it wouldn't be nice to get everyone all riled up for nothing. SHE took this picture, not me, & she was in the monster on wheels when she did. AND, he's not giant, he was on the windshield, whatever that is. She doesn't let me have any fun....

Friday, September 23, 2005

Don't touch it!!!

This guy was found in our driveway. Keep your fingers away though, he bites! Excuse me, Mr. Turtle, you got a little something on your chin there.......

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cleaning time!!

You know what I like to do? After my humans get out of the shower I LOVE to get in & lick it clean! Why do I like to do this? I'm not real sure.......

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Psychokitty started it all!

How did you get started blogging? My story is kind of drawn out so bear with me please!! I read Get Fuzzy everyday. One day they had a link on there to another cat-toon called the Mows. Now, if you go all the way to the bottom they have a link on there to The PsychoKitty. So, I go over to see this kitty & I loved him! Max is a member of The Tuxedo Gang so I joined that. Tuxedo Timmy is in it & he got me started thinking even more. Once I started really reading what the other kitties were writing & doing I realized I had stories to tell too, so, here I am. Do you have as much fun blogging as I do? (Even if it is hard to type with no fingers!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

One More

I don't normally post twice in one day but....two things, first you must go to The PsychoKitty Speaks Out Poor Max, but it is sssooo funny! And second, I found this on Cin's blog.

Raw evil score: 24.44%
HEHEHE. I'm a cat, I'm not "accidentally" anything! OK. I'm done now.


Just in case you didn't notice...Mom finally let me on the computer long enough to update my links to everyone! There are lots of new ones. The newest is the kitties from Chile, which is not in english but still has some great pictures & you can kinda figure out what they mean!! :) If you go all the way down to the blog roll part there is even a link to a doggie. Mom put that one in...witch. I hope everyone is enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy yours. Thank you for coming to see me & for always leaving such kind & wonderful comments. Now, enough mushiness .I'm gonna go take a nap!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Oh no she didn't....

Do you see that? Right in the middle? That SQUIRREL?!?!?! My Mom & Dad were gone both days this weekend, which as I understand it is the time of the week that you are supposed to stay home. BUT, they had picnics & reunions to go to , so I got left here all alone. That's all bad enough but then, then, she comes home with THAT! I was so mad that I waited until she gave me my chicken toothpaste & then I puked in the floor. HA HA HA. Bring home more pictures of squirrels!

Friday, September 16, 2005


My Dad is a 'chanic. He had a class on Wednesday to get smarter. He won the doorprize!

THIS is the doorprize. I has tape, a stapler, a ruler, an eraser, a stamper, scissors & a pen. Kinda neat.

THIS is what I got out of the box.

THIS is the BEST part. I love it. I love it. I love it!!!

I want a doorprize everyday.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Buggie's Brother????

Does everybody remember this guy from one of my earliest posts?Ok, Well, I was outside yesterday & I found this guy.
According to they are Hercules or Unicorn or Rinocerous beetles. I guess silly humans couldn't settle on one name for them! Anyway, I thought he was neat & I thought there might be some puddies out there who would like this site with all kinds of buggie information on it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Isn't he pretty?!? He was so pretty I didn't even try to eat him. It has been very exciting around my house the last few days. Mom has been busy with all the new parts they put in the computer. "Still updating stuff" is what she says every time I ask if I can blog now. I haven't even been able to go to other kitties blogs..... BUT I'm gonna make up for it now, just see if SHE gets on here any today!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

What are they thinking???

Mom & Dad took a bunch of parts out of the computer last night & replaced they with new parts! I didn't know they were computer surgeons! Meanwhile I couldn't blog until now cause of their mess. I caught this little guy sunning on the back porch so Mom took a picture of him for me so I could show you. Yes, for those of yo who care, he DID make it out of our meeting alive!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thing in the yard

There is a thing in my front yard, it's been there all week. My Mom or my Dad goes out & moves it around & turns it on. This thing, it THROWS water! It makes a spitting noise & it THROWS water!! They say it's to water the new grass, but I don't think they realize that it's TRYING TO GET ME WET!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm trying....

This is not a good picture of me or my Mom but it is proof that I'm trying to make her feel better! See her using me as a pillow? And me letting her? How good of a cat am I?!?! AND, AND, AND, she's getting sick! She's been sneezing all morning. I don't like it when she does that cause it's kinda loud & it kinda scares me. If she doesn't quit I'm gonna lay somewhere else! And her nose, it's all red cause she's been wrapping it in tissues & making a funny noise with it! If she didn't feel so bad I'd call her names & make fun of her, but I'm a good kitty (& I want my special food tomorrow) so I won't!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

No news is good news???

All puddins & beans, thank you all so much for the kind thoughts, comments & prayers for my Mommie. Unfortunately, she still doesn't know anything. They took another sample & sent it off to be analyzed ( I wonder if that's like 'vestigatin?) and won't know anything for probably 2 weeks. So, we wait some more!!

Meanwhile, check out the cute pic of me purraying for her! :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hard days

Today has been one of those run here, run there days for my Mom & I guess it's a good thing cause it took her mind off the fact that her doctor's appointment is tomorrow. Every puddin & every human please pray for my Mom that her test will come back good this time. Thanks to everyone for answering my comments question!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back to work people!!

Get OUT of my house & go back to school & work & go get me some food at wal-mart! I'm about tired of having all these people here in my fur. I'm gonna hide here behind the treadmill until they're all outta here!
On a different note, how many of you ever come back to see if I commented on your comments? Just wondering....

Monday, September 05, 2005

Too much labor to be labor day!!

That picture is of a frog who buried himself in grass to keep warm. Cause at 7:00 in the morning, in the country, it is cold! That is what time my parents got up & rudely woke ME up this morning. Today they picked up rocks & seeded & put fertalizer on the dirt where that tree was. I'm sorry but I thought the idea was to NOT work today!! OH, yeah, they also went to Lowe's & got a new Hoover!! This one spits on the carpet & sucks it up to clean it instead of just eating the dirt. So, guess who has wet paws.....,.

Cute froggie.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Here is the tree with a few of the limbs cut off. It was a very tall tree.

This is the tree just before they finished.

Here is the tree getting hauled away on the tractor.

Here is a lizard that was sitting on one of the cut up logs

Here is a baby snakie that they dug up in the tree.


Here are the pictures of the tree project that I promised. Along with a couple of interesting things that they found. Well, I'm outta here. I can't stay long cause it's roundy round time!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

How could you?

This THING was in my yard today. I couldn't believe it. HE CAME IN MY YARD. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, my mom went outside to take pictures & she TOUCHED him. I am so mad.
My parents also decided today was a good day to cut down a tree that had started to die. There was all kinds of noise out there. Tractors & saws & chains & stuff. Terrible. I spent the day hiding. I will post pics of the tree later.
Mom & Dad are so tired they want me to get off here so we can all relax. So, I guess since they pay the bills I better! Hope all my puddie friends are ok tonight.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Oh, you have such bea-u-ti-ful eyelashes my dear!
This buggie needs to go in for an antennae trim! He was hanging out on the gate on my back porch last night. I don't know WHAT kind of bug he is but he is UGLY! You can't tell from these pictures but his body looked kinda like snake skin. Not slimy looking, he looked dry, just a scaly look. Nasty.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sad Mommie

My Mom is very sad today. She got some not so good news from her people vet yesterday. A female human test didn't look so good. She has been walking around here all day all mopey & stuff & then she heard this song on the radio by a wonderful Christian group, which you can visit at Let me tell you people something, my Mom can NOT sing. She couldn't carry a tune in a locked safe! But even with her singing it, this song would lift anyone's spirit! (You see my picture, how concerned I am for her? & for MY ears!! LOL) Anyway, here are the words to this song.

No One Else Knows
By: Building 429

My world is closing in
On the inside
But I’m not showing it
When all I am is crying out
I hold it in and fake a smile
Still I’m broken
I’m broken
Only one can understand
And only one can hold the hand
Of the broken
Of the broken
When no one else knows how I feel
Your love for me is proven real
When no one else cares where I’ve been
You run to me with outstretched hands
And You hold me in your arms
I need no explanation of why me
I just need confirmation
Only You could understand the emptiness inside my head
I am falling
I am falling
I’m falling down upon my knees
To find the one who gives me peace
I am flying
Lord I am flying
When no one else knows how I feel
Your love for me is proven real
When no one else cares where I’ve been
You run to me with outstretched hands
And You hold me in Your arms
I have come to you in search of faith
Cause I can’t see beyond this place
Oh You are God and I am man
So I’ll leave it in Your hands

So, that is what my Mom is trying to do, leave it in His hands. Which is easier said than done, apparently!