Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Morning Update.........

So, Saturday Uncle Casey camed ofur & furst he stopped & rubbed me. Furry good Uncle Casey! I likes that!

So then Momma & Daddy & Uncle Casey goed outside & looked at all these here trees.

Then they started up tha chainsaws & tha tractor & made loud noises all day long.

This am part of what it looked like when they was done.

This am what I looked like tha whole time they was workin!!

Hope effurrycat (& human) had a wunnerful weekend!!

PS: Jimmie gotted 2nd place in Sunday's race if'n you dint get to sees it.

Friday, October 27, 2006

St Louis Cardinals....World Series Champions

They am the WINNERS!!! Momma's favorite baseball team done won the WORLD SERIES!!! Party over here (since she won't sleep tonight anyway).
I is sorry for any Tigers fans out there (Edsel) but we am all way happy ofur here!


*******Efurryone, pulease go see Smudge & his Purrarents he am furry furry sick.........

So, Momma's lip & cheek swell-ed up & her was worried that it might be a raction to tha sing-you-lair that they had juss putted her on so her called her V-E-T & naturally they say her hadda come in so her did & tha V-E-T say her prolly has an absessed tooff of all fings! (Efun though it dont hurt or nuffin & they don't see an absess when they look at her teefs.....) Her gotta go & let a Dint-tist look at it on Monday.
Momma say I can not show her pictor at this time! SO, I present to you, Miss Ray Leigh Hawkins!!!!!

Ray Leigh am bout 5 monfs now, amember, her was borned on Momma's purrthday (May 29th). Her am a good baby & I will lay wiff her till her starts trying to talk & then I'm outta there! Momma gets to keep her efurry once in a while so I guess I better get used to her huh?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This am what happened this weekend....

DADDY! What am that noise?!?! What am you doin?!?!

You looks like Curious George (Cute movie btw!) swingin in that tree!

OH! It finally falled down. Momma & Daddy am clearin some land to put a garage up for Daddy to work in at home. (You'd fink he'd get enuff of that at his daytime work!) This tree was hung up in anofur tree & Daddy hadda ressel it down!

One good fing, Daddy gotted tired & we taked a nappie together!

Momma wanted to make sure you seed the look on mine face....I dint want her to take mine pictor! (You see that purty blankie? That am the one that (my internet brofur!) Timmy Wimmy's Momma made for me!)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Snap-on screwdrivers....

Look into my eyeball things.......Unnerstand me Daddy........

I is claiming these here screwdrivers!

They is MINE!!!

You can not haves them Daddy!

I is gonna take a nap & makes shur you don't gets em.

Look at this kitty Momma gotted! HEHEHE!! Fishies......HEHEHE!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Day 2

So, I'm trying to get caught up....there am SO many blog things & so much goin on!!! There am all kindsa new kitties bloggin.......SO much to do! I will get around to effurryone, HOPEFULLY today!

OK, I tolded you bout Momma's pointmint & Daddy's bay-kay-shun but I dint tell you the news that am efun better than Jimmie!!! Mine oldest human brofur, Jeremy, turned 13 on the 7th!!!!! For real! It am true! So, Happy Alated Purrthday brofur! We all wubs you furry, furry much! Hope you have a wunnerfull year. Now, go get me a can of stinky goodness!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm baaaaaaaaacccckkkkkk....

Ok, so stuff has been reeeelly heck-tick around here the last cuple weeks but we am gonna try to get back to normal bloggin starting today! :)
Effurryone has been all way sick (cept me!!) & mine Daddy took off all last week so we hasn't had much time to do nuffin! (Effrryone am gettin better now.) Momma am seein anoffur V-E-T on December furrst for tha nee thing so keep her in yore thoughts & purrayers! (Fanks Deb!!)
There am lotsa new kitties bloggin & we nees to link to em! We will get that done too! Lots to do, lots to do!! The bestest news of all........

Jimmie winded his race today!!! Wa-hoo! Now, if he will juss win the champ-pee-on-ship!

NOTICE::::: If you hasn't (or you wants to agin) gived to Brandi & her Momma Carol yet then you can eifur send us a check or money order or gift card or whatefur (Juss email for our address) OR, you can CLICKY HERE!!!! for a speshul page that the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats" Momma made just so we could give frough paypal. She am takin all the charges & payin em herself so none of Brandi & her Momma's money will be used for that. Also, her am sendin efurryone who gives a speshul handmade jewelry from her shop!!! :) So go give!! Fanks!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No News Am Good News.....Or Not......

Well, Momma don't really no nuffin cept her has to go for anofur MRI in about 3 months so they can tell her if it still am abnormal & if her might need a bye-op-see to see about the cancer. Momma am furry frustrated right now & I has been tryin to make her feel better & that am why I hasn't been around much. I will try my best to do better though! We still wubs all you guys & appreciate all the purrayers & good thoughts. Fanks.

Monday, October 02, 2006

No Good News......

Mine Momma needs to find her a new bone doctor. They told her today that her knee am "struk-tuer-ally" intact efun though here gots a chip tha size of mine claw in it! They am crazy! They said that an abnormal marrow signal CAN mean you gots cancer, but they just think it was a bad spot on tha film. Did they suggest testing, just to be on tha safe side? NO! They am CRAZY! Momma am calling tomorrow to see if her can get a new V-E-T! Fanks for all tha purrayers. Puhlease keep em comin!