Friday, March 31, 2006

My own door

Here I am in front of my "I will come & go as I please, I need no human door". It is also good for gathering up the sun & spilling it all over this rug.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Secret Paw Purresent!!

OH. MY. GOSH!!! It came, it came! My secret paw present from Firenze! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!

PS: these pictures are up at Flickr cause blogger wouldn't cooperate this morning. You can click the box in the sidebar to go look at them there. They ARE better there.....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Race Day Story

I was gonna do this post yesterday but my oldest human brother Jeremy had to go to the doctor (stomach virus) so Mom wasn't here to help me. But, here it is & I think I'll let Mom tell the story since she left me AGAIN!!

We arrived at the track so excited, our tickets & passes in their protective holders, safely around our necks. As we stepped out of the car, into the freezing winds & blowing snow, I thought, oh well, it's supposed to stop.

We walked onto the track grounds & I stopped to take this picture. That's when I realized I had left the extra batteries for the camera on the the house....3 hours away.

We went in, stopping at souvenir trucks along the way. Checking in at the hospitality tent was a breeze, we got our plastic bracelets & our goodie bags & headed off to see the sights. I thought about taking off with this car....really.....

I asked the nice lady when they would be coming to get us to take us into the pits & she said to me, "Oh, I'm sorry, they closed the pits early so that they can get the track dry." WHAT?!?! I'm not going into the pits?!?!? I smiled politely, mumbled something like "Oh no.", while my little heart broke some more. See I was supposed to give Jenn's (Tuxedo Timmy's Mom) email address to her cousin, who is Carl Edwards' tire specialist. He would be in the PITS! Where I can't go!
(We stopped to get pictures with the cardboard drivers here since that was as close as we would be getting to them.) :)

So, we have cold, snow, we're wet, no extra batteries, and no pit tours, so no helping Jenn..... hi Casey Kahne..

We went on up to our seats, spread out the blanket that we stopped at Wal-Mart (I can't get away from that place) to get on the way in. Those metal bleachers are COLD when it's 40 degrees! Of course we thought we'd be UNDER that blanket when we bought it.

But, look at that 48 car! He's starting close to the front & that's important at Bristol. That tent is pretty close to where his pit is & I'm in a great seat to watch them & make sure they don't screw up his pit-stops. :) The race starts & the cars are flying, coming around the turn, right at us, & you can FEEL the rumble of the exhaust all through your body. It's so exciting, watching your driver coming towards you, trying to make his way to the front. It's so disappointing to see your driver get bumped, just as he gets to you, where you can see it really good. It's devastating to watch your driver get pushed to the V-E-R-Y L-A-S-T position as your heart shatters because you've realized that those three hours that you've just driven weren't worth it after all.

Monday, when I gave the kids their souviners that I got them they opened up the "balls" that were in that goodie bag we got at the hospitality tent. Turns out, they weren't balls, they were INFLATABLE SEATS!!! Yeah, we felt stupid! Freezing cold, sitting on our blanket, while all along we had cushy seats, IN A BAG!
(We got a total of 7 pictures, 2 of them were junk, there are the other five!)

Now that I'm home & warm & not so sore I have to admit, I still had a great time. It was a good race, considering! Coulda done without that ending though!!

Ok, back to Oreo.....

Edsel, this picture is for you! Now, I was all ready to go to this race & they had cut out my eye holes & everything, but I was smart enough to check the weather before we left! So, I stayed home...where it was warm...& there wasn't any snow! And I had the camera batteries!! HEHEHE

PS: Tomorrow, secret paw gift pictures!!!! I gotted it yesterday!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bristol Motor Speedway...Racetrack from Hades or just a REALLY bad day?

This was the view of the track from about a half mile away. All that whiteness that makes it hard to see? Yeah, that's snow. Momma is too stiff & sore to help me post much today so I will do a detailed post tomorrow. Anyone who watched the race yesterday knows how she feels already! Hades??? Maybe.........

Friday, March 24, 2006

Failed video upload......

Mom was gonna upload a little GIF video she made of me but it didn't work so you'll just have to use your imagination!!

There are the pictures she used. She REALLY loves that last one.
On another note....any poodins or humans out there going to the race at Bristol this Sunday? (I AM!!!!)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Do you see me?

It's sssooo cold........

Does you see me now? Momma sees me.....................

Quit with the flashy box already!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


(I have fallen over in a dead faint!)
Turns out Jimmy didn't win that race after all. :(
I wanna be his crew chief for a day....................

Monday, March 20, 2006

Atlanta Motor Speedway

I hate rain delays. It means Mom & I don't get to watch Jimmy Johnson win the race until today.... :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cold front...and back...and sides

It's getting cold here again. Crazy weather, 75-80 all weekend, into the early part of the week, then yesterday it started getting cold again. I've discovered an advantage to Norm not being here, I don't have to share my blanket with anyone!! :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mean Mom....

I saw what you did to Norm, you wraped him up & put him in that box. So I am hiding behind the woodstove so you can't get me too!

It's all so sad...I can't believe you would be so mean!

I must hide my tears!

PS: You can follow Norm's adventures by going to his Mom's blog.....clicky!!
Also, my secret paw Timmy gotted his purresent & on his purrthday too!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Issues :)

Well, Norm is gone now. On his way to Kentucky. I kinda miss him, even if he was always watching me & stuff! :) Mom sent a purresent with him for Dimples, oh, & Whiskers too.

I haven't posted a'cause our computers had to get four- matted & I don't have any picture programs on them right now. Hopefully tomorrow you will be able to see my be-you-tea-full face!

Friday, March 10, 2006


I can not believe all the squirrels that have come to my house in the last couple of weeks. Mom caught these two playing for me so I could show you.

She took these pictures through the door so they aren't great but you can see the TRESPASSERS!!!

PS: I just found out Norm has to leave tomorrow.......not sure if I'm happy or sad.......

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Norm's in prison! My girl Dimples & her brother whiskers said to put Norm in time-out for running over my paw with his truck. Well, I went one better & had him arrested for assault!

I'm just kidding! Norm's fine. He pulled his time for running over my paw & Mom set him free. Had you going there for a minute though didn't I!!

PS: Sorry Maria my honorary poodie furriend, there will be no conflict resolution!! ::Paw raised defiantly::

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Heather asked where Norm was yesterday. Well, he was laid up with his injuries! We were playing together real nicely & all of a sudden, he ran his truck over my foot!!!

So, I knocked him off it & left. That'll teach him! (He's feeling better today.)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Recycled toys

Every so often Mom goes through my toys & gives about half of them away to kitties who don't have many. She was actually thinking she was gonna give this away!

I have to say, in her defense, I hadn't played with it for so long, she had put it in storage.

I remember now how much fun I used to have trying to get that ball out.

I also remember how frustrated I get! Maybe Mom can give this away after all!

Monday, March 06, 2006


I was in the kids room last night, playing the Playstation when Mom came in & saw me. Of course she had to start with the pictures.

I went to sleep after awhile. Some of these games are pretty boring for a kitty playing by himself.

Mom (the traitor) went & got Norm & asked him if he would like to play with me. At first I acted kinda stuck up about it & ignored him, after all, I didn't invite him.

Finally, I gave in & started to play. Norm's pretty good.....for such a stiff little guy!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday morning stinky goodness

Hello there. This is Norm. I am posting today because Oreo has his mouth full. Today is the day he gets his "stinky goodness". Well, I didn't know what that was, so being an inquisitive gnome, I wanted to see. Boy was that a mistake! First of all, the name says it all, STINKY! Second of all, Oreo, usually such a fun loving cat, growled at me! I assured him I was not there for his food & promptly left. Be careful what you try to check out when you're dealing with a cat!!

PS: Mom added 21 (!!) new kitty links over ther & she's going to work on getting them alphabetized for me. And also, I am going to be at Magoo's birthday party all weekend. Except for trips home to eat & stuff. (Gotta keep an eye on Norm!)

Friday, March 03, 2006

::Maniacal laugh:: BWAH ha ha ha ha........

There was a comment left by two kitties yesterday who shall remain anonymous. They asked me to do this......

Norm is hidden under the couch, per your instructions W & D!!

Here I am making sure he's under there REAL good.

Mom's looking everywhere for him!! I hear her calling now, gotta go.
BWAH ha ha ha ha