Monday, January 10, 2011

Update for anybody paying attention ;)

Hey everybody ( & everycat). I've gotten a couple of comments on here checking on me & it warms my heart (very much so) every time that happens. The last few years have been VERY hard on me. I left my husband & got an apartment, shortly after that my mom passed away. A few months later Oreo went to the bridge. A few months after that I started having very bad anxiety & panic attacks. Long story short I'm now living with a dear friend because I can't stand to be alone, I'm divorced, in counseling & struggling to find a medication I can take...I seem to be allergic to everything. ;) My counselor tells me I have latent anxiety (basically post traumatic stress disorder) from when I was run over. That dang car is STILL kickin my butt!! (Speaking of which if anybody wants to buy it I'm trying to get rid of it. Counselor thinks I'd be better off if I did.)

So anyway, I'm sorry I don't have anything good to say, no happy updates, no new kitty stories for you guys but I'm alive & kickin & would greatly appreciate any & all prayers you guys can spare. I've thought about starting a new blog, an anxiety blog but most of what I would have to say is very depressing & extremely personal & I wouldn't want certain people who would use that information against me to have it. SSSOOO...I'm not sure where my life is going, but it's dragging me along with it kicking & screaming!! I'll come by here whenever anyone asks & in the meantime Beau's mom & Timmy's mom & lots of others have my email if anyone wants to use it. Course I obviously still get notified if you leave a comment here. ;)

I hope & pray that you're all doing well, you're in my thoughts often & I miss the camaraderie that this community has. Take care & keep in touch.