Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter 2006 Secret Paws

OREO..... it came........

Oh Momma! Juss look what mine secrit paw sended me!!

I wubs it!

Snarf, gulp, snarf, smack, YUMMMMM!!

Oh, Nemo I fank you so furry much!
Update on Momma: Her wented to tha endocrinologist yesserday & he say up her Toprol dose, take this new medicine which stops her thigh-roids frum workin & go see tha vampires in tha base-mint. So her did & they taked 3 big tubes of mine Mommas blud!!! Her might needs that!!! So her gotta go back in a munth & they takes MORE blud & check her meds again. Blech! BUT, no surgery or radioactive pills for now. He does fink her will venshually haff to take a pill though.
Today he gotta go get a mole cut out frum atween her toesies. EW!! Fanks so much for all yore thoughts & purrayers in this diff-e-cult time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iodine Uptake Results

Oh, I herd Dr. Raplee on tha phone....what am her sayin????

Momma gots Graves Disease??? What am THAT??? Hyperthyroidism???? Same fing? Yup.

Oh Momma, I is so worried bout you. I wubs you. (See how little her foot am?!?! Daddy say she shood sue them for non-support!)

(The uptake scan showed a cyst in the left side of my thyroid & I do have Graves disease. I have to see an endocrinologist sometime soon. I started taking Toprol for the rapid heart rate last night. Don't like taking anything that slows down my heart!! Thank you so much to all of Oreo's (& mine) friends for helping us out. We truly appreciate it, especially since it looks like I'll still have to see specialists.)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Heer Am Mine Terrible Pictors.....

Oh Momma! How cood you?!?! I am SO mad at you right now!

But Oreo, it has your Blogging friends on the back! I thought you would like it!

Does it look like I liked it? I'm takin it off!!

OH well, I think you looked adorable!

Amember effurrycat, Momma goin for part 2 of the New-clee-are thighroids uptake scan this mornin. Puhlease keep purrayin for her! We don wants NO surgery.....

Monday, December 11, 2006


Momma wented to tha hopspittle for that test ^& her gotsa go back tomorrow! Parently this am a 2 part test! I have got some TERRIBLE pictors for you to see. I will post them afore Momma goes back to the V-E-T. Fanks for all the purrayers.

Nuclear Thyroid Uptake Scan

Well now, today am Momma's "New-clee-are thighroids uptake scan" Her gotsa be there at 9:30. Effurrycat, puhlease, purray hard for her! We don want her to hafta haves surjery. Please God????

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Skeezix gots anofur kontest!!!

Skeezix gots a kontest goin on! It am anofur tale of devoshun kontest, cept this time tha kitties am writin it! Clicky to go read Mine story. Well, poem. There am lotsa good storys on there so go read Alla storys too!

They called bout Mommas stress test yesserday & they say effurryfing look good. How can it look good at 190 BPM is what this kitty wanna no!! But they did & so we guess Momma has a real good hart. :) I cooda tolded them that! Fanks so much for yore foughts & purrayers! They am much appreciated. Also for buyin mine Pictors to help wiff Momma's V-E-T bills!
Have a good weekend effurrycat!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Alright Now, Baby It's All Right Now....

Oreo...where are you????

What Momma? I was nappin wiff Daddy!

You better wake up & tell all those kitties that are concrned that the satellite dish is back up & working fine!!
Ok Momma....hey effurrycat, it am ok now. Am that good Momma?
I suppose.

In ofur news, Momma haded her stress test Monday. They gotted her heart rate up to 190 beats a minute!!!! It was stressful alright! Her don no what it said but I will pass on the results as soon as we no sumfinn. Her wented to the dint-tist yesserday & her gotsa go back tomorrow. I gess I'ma haff to start goin wiff her sos I can see her! Don forget, if you wants to get a pictor of me there am a link on yor right at the top.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Griffen A. Cross DDS

So this am Momma's dint-tist & his nursie. They look furry nice don they, but am they reelly? Am they not all meaniefied like ofur dint-tists & nursies????? Will they not hurts you tha furst chance they gets?

Momma say they AM furry nice & not meaniefied at all! And, and, and, they don hurts you! Momma say her root can-all dint hurt a bit!
Momma say if you anywhere near us & you need a dint-tist then go to Dr. Cross. Aktually, efun if yore NOT near us, you should still go to him!!
HHHMMM, I wunner if he werks on kitties........


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Directv Satellite Dish VS Tree

I forgotted to tell you about tha in-si-dent that happened here bout 2 weeks ago........

This here tree is one of tha ones that had to go. Lets take a closer look....

What am that in there????

OH. MY. GOSH! Not the dish!!! How will I watch aminal planet now?!?!?! Who did this horrible fing?

Uncle CASEY?!?!?!
(It am ok Casey, I not holding a grudge anymore!)
Momma goes back to tha dent-ist this mornin for her real fillins in the root can-all toof. That not so bad.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bad Kitty Goes Riding....

Hiya Momma! I just rollin around out here......

Rollin, rollin, rollin,

Keep that kitty rollin,

Before you know it he'll have a


And flip!

You still there Momma?

Hey, what am that?!?!

Be back in a minute Momma...

You still lookin?

Lets check this tracker out.

HHHMMMM, I wunner if I could drive it???

K, lets see here....

What Momma? Daddy woodnt like me drivin his tracker?


I not speakin to yall! Ofur kitties like Skeezix gets to drive!

No, that am fine, I is comin down....

don boffer to poligize. Juss wait till you wanna rub a kitty later......

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November 21, 2003

WARNING!!! Some of the following story is grew-some!! Not for sensitive readers!!

Yesserday was the anniversary (3 years) of the day Momma gotted runned ofur. Here am the story....................

This was Momma's car on the day IT happened. She had gone to her V-E-T for a sinus inflection. It's a good fing too! Her camed out & the car woodn't start so her called mine Daddy. He am a chanic. He tolded her how to jump start it wiffout anoffer car. There am a box on the firewall that you touch wiff metal & it starts right up. So her did & it started. Then it jumped into gear & comed up ofur tha curb. Momma's left leg was JUSS in front of the bumper but when it hit the curb the weels turned to the left & grabbed her good. It broked her leg & messed up her nee right then. The hood fell off the prop & broke & dislocated her index finger. Cause for some reason her putted her hand down on it, like to stop it or sumfinn. Her gotted pulled up unner the car then & it runned offur her back & broke it in two places & cracked some ribs. The tire grabbed the side of her face & pulled & that am when her eyeball socket & her nose gotted broked. It also breaked two of them wing fings off her neck bones. The car rolled Momma ofur unner it. When it did it breaked her pelvis twice & her coller bone, boff her sholder blades was shattered & dislocated. There was a bolt stickin down unner the car & it sliced frough her upper lip alla way & hit her teef, that am why her has prollems wiff them now. It almost pulled boff her lips off! That same bolt cutted up her forhead purrty good which am why you RARELY see her wiffout a hat!

The aberlance pee-poles was all out on ofur calls when it happened & that am why it was good that her was at her V-E-T's office. They taked care of her till the amberlance cood get there. There was a man there who stopped Momma's car from goin out in the street & getting smashed, he was wunnerful! There was a firefighter man who was out at lunch & new the amberlance pee-poles was all out so he camed & help Momma's V-E-T till they gotted there. He was also wunnerful!! Boff of these men gotted awards for what they did & Momma still talks to the firfighter man effurry once in a while.

When Momma gotted to the hopspital (Her was a gold alert! That am REEEELLY BAD!) they did surgery & putted a titanium rod in her left leg. Her had busted the femoral artery & that almoss killded her. After they gotted her leg all better they was aktually gonna send her home in 2 days!! But her lungs collapsed & her hadda have chest tubes putted in. That almost killded her too. So her was all upset & kept tryin to pull her breaffin tube out so they gived her so valium, turned out her am llergic to it & her stopped braffin & that almoss killded her too. Momma was in the hopspittal for 3 weeks, close to 4. I missed her furry much. Momma finally gotted disability & her stays home all day now, which I like & she hates. Momma say if you gonna jump your car you better make sure there am NO part of you near the front that can be grabbed!!

When sumfinn like this happens you reeely find out who your furrinds are. There was lots a pee-poles that came to the hopspittal (though not many who shoulda camed!) but once Momma was home it was Daddy, my human brofurs & her Momma & sister who was dere for her. (And me a course! Aktually when her furst camed home I dint no her & that broked her heart, poor Momma!) See when her camed home her couldn't use nuffin but her right arm. Daddy wood carry her to the couch in the morning & Grandma & Amber had to take care of her all day & then Daddy would carry her to the shower & the bed at night. It was furry hard on alla us. SO fanks Daddy & brofurs & Grandma & Amber. We don no where we'd be wiffout you! Most of all though, Momma fanks the Lord effurryday for letting her stay here wiff us cause reelly, that am the only reason her am here. Fanks you God!!

Pee-poles fink Momma am crazy for keepin her car, but her say it am a mental fing. Her ain't gonna let it drive her crazy!! And it could too! You should see her if a car starts up near her & she's not spectin it! We has put quite a bit of time & money into makin the car look different so it aint so hard on Momma. We fink it am awesome!

Here am where it took fird place in the Roanoke Valley Mustang Club car show!!

And effurrycat has seen the racing pictors! Momma loves that car! And her NOT crazy......


Monday, November 20, 2006

Jimmie, Jimmie, Jimmie!!!! YAY!!!

Clicky this pictor to go shop for Jimmie merchandise!!!

Jimmie winnded Sunday, the championship, not the race, but that am ok cause JIMMIE WINNDED!!!!

He efun gotted all teared up when they gived him 6.2 million dollars!!! And his troffee. (Momma say her wood get teared up too if sumone gave her 6.2 mill!)

In ofur news Momma herd back on tha heart monitor. They say her gots sinus tackycardia which basically means her has a fats heart rate. I'm purrty sure we all ready no'd that & I'm purrty sure we tolded them that when they put it on.........

Friday, November 17, 2006

Pictors & News

Well, Momma gotted her ultrasound results yesserday. I'll let her tell it.

I have either a cyst or a nodule in the right side of my thyroid. I have to go for a Nuclear Thyroid Uptake Scan on Dec 11th. They say it's a small one & it doesn't LOOK cancerous so that's good anyway. I appreciate all the prayers you're sending up dor me VERY much. I will keep you updated. (Or Oreo will anyway!!)

Now, we has put up a bunch of pictors for those of you who wants one to choose from. It am a whole new bloggie so click HERE to go look at them. We finks they am some furry good pictors!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pictor time!

Hey effurrycat! Momma's root can-all wented juss fine! Her say it dint hurt at all! YAY! Fanks for all the purrayers. Don forget, her ultra-sound on her thigh-roid am tomorrow.

Fings has gotted real tight around here since Momma has had all these point-mints so I accided to help out if I can. Puhlease look in mine sidebar unner tha check out these links line & you will see a link so you can email Momma & buy a pictor of me!!


IF you can, & IF you want to, you can purr-chase a pictor of me & help out wiff mine Momma's V-E-T bills at tha same time! Fanks effurryone.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Fanks you Oreo....

Momma readed mine blog thing last night & her acided to fank me cause I gotted LOTSA pee-poles to purray for her. See, her givin me good scritchies. See her heart monitor?????

But then her acided to kiss on me!!

STOP IT MOMMA!!! I don like it!

Geeeeezzzzzzzz. (Fanks for purraying for mine Momma effurrycat!)
PS: That am mine human brofur Steven in tha pictor. Jeremy aint in it cause he taked them!!! Fanks Jeremy!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

24 Hour Heart Monitor

Momma am gotta go get her heart monitor this mornin. Puhlease keep her in yore purrayers. Also, next Monday am her root can-all & next Wednesday her goes for tha ultrasound on her thyroid. (V-E-T called yesserday. For those in the no, her TSH test was .004! And her Free T4 test was 3.14.) Her has a point-mint on Dec 4th for the stress test & eko cardigan. Puhlease amember her.......

Monday, November 06, 2006

Jimmie Again?!?!?!

What's that Momma? You say Jimmie dint win tha race?!?! He gotted second place to Tony Stewart?!?!? OH NO!!!

But he am leading the points race now? That am REEEEEEL good Momma! We sure do like Jimmie.

And that am about all that am goin on around here. :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Forgetful Puddin......

It Has come to mine attention ( By mine furry own Momma! ) that I forgetted to tell you bout her dint-tist appointment! Her had an abs-sess & now her gots to have a root can-all. Don't no what that am but her don want to do it!!

Also., her gotted a call from her V-E-T yesserday bout her bloody work & they say there am "definetly somefinn wrong" wiff her thigh-roid & her still hasta have an ultrasound on it. Her also still hasta wear a heart monitor for 24 hours & haff a echo cardigan.... er... cardiogram & a stress test. Blegh! Her don wanna do that eiffer. So puhlease effurryone, keep mine Momma in yore purrayers! I will try to do better bout updatin!! :)

PS: Momma finally got around to updatin mine linkies! If you ain't on dere let me no & I will tell her. Fanks HOTMBC Momma for helpin!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Sleeping Baby...Who You Callin A Baby Momma?!?!?!

You can't see me can you?

I is sleepin! Leeve me alone!!

MOMMA!! Tha light!! Stop it!!

And quit callin me yore baby. I IS 8 you no!