Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well, Dad am all happy...Timmy am all happy, Mom am all Crying 2 . Congratulations to Dad & Timmy.
In my last post I said Mom & I didn't have anything against Tony Stewart...I was wrong! After booting Jimmy Johnson out of the way he went on to take 2nd place & the lead in the points championship. Jimmy finished 3rd & he's now 2nd, 15 points back in the championship. BBBOOOOOO Tony!!! HISS! Scratch! Bite!

Update: Mom just found out that these guys lost their game too. Mom is very sad. This is not a good weekend for her....Please send lotsa purrs for her. She needs more than I can give.....


Beau said...

I'm so purrrrrrrrrrrfectly sorry about the games. I send kitty smiles and hugs to you, and you can play with MY toys if you like!
Bad, Jeff, BAAAAD! (I will help you scratch and bite them too if it makes you feel better.)

Timmy said...

I say we both put the bite on Tony. That should make him slip up a few points eh? LOL! Momma maked me do the happy dance on her legs. It's embarassing when she does that. It's nice to see Jeff Gordon win again! It's been a looooong time! :)
We am rooting for Carl Edwards to win, nothin' against Jimmy, it's just that Momma's cousin am Carl's tire specialist and Carl am a real good racer so we're rootin' for him to win the cup! (We'll root for Jimmy too though, he's a Hendrick!)

I Gatti Americani said...

Sorry about the games. Just be glad you get to watch football. Here they call soccer football (just to confuse the foreigners). The soccer fans are sooooo freaking crazy. We have never seen anything like it.

Right now our American human is a little sad that she is missing the White Soxs in the World Series. The Italian human could care less about the baseball.

Come to Italy anytime you want. We are happy to show you around. The more the merrier!

Opus and Roscoe

Edsel/The Pooch said...

we don't watch any of those. we did have a game on yesterday that had LIONS playing. they were blue thoug, and i didn't think that's what color lions are. they won, the Dad said it must have been an accident 'cause they're so bad.

utenzi said...

It's looking good for the Sox, Oreo. Time to jump on the bandwagon and purr away.

Oreo said...

It's ok!! We might get a posse together to go get Tony Stewart though!

Yeah! A posse, to put the bite on him!! Parents are SSSOOO embarrassing! They never consider how we feel.

Opus & Roscoe,
I'm sorry you don't get to see the series! I'd come but I can't fly & I don't think I could swim that long!!

You really got to pick a driver!!! ;) I don't think lions are blue Mom has lions on her screensaver sometimes & they aren't yellow. Maybe some body painted the ones on tv???

Nah...I don't care anymore!! Now if they were WARM sox...straight from the dryer....

Jasper said...

Dad doesn't watch the cars, but one of his football teams lost too, with 13 seconds left, after fumbling the ball out of the end zone earlier!It sure makes for a tough weekend.

dena said...

My husband is a NASCAR and a football team. I only watch or pay attention if I'm playing in some sort of pool.

Anonymous said...

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