Friday, October 21, 2005


Mom am all sad & stuff cause these birds here didn't win a game. I don't know why Mom is rooting for birds...unless it's to get me back for the bird in the house???? But that can't be it cause my Dad roots for some birds too. What's wrong with these people?!?!?!

Dad is happy, cause the birds he roots for won their game. What's a hokie Mom?

Oh. He looks a lot like those turkeys that were in the front yard!! I wonder what he tastes like?


Finn said...

People are strange creatures sweet kitty. Don't bother to try to figure them out. And no, the Hokie won't taste good. Too gamey. ;)

Hi - Michele sent me today. Have a great weekend.

Oreo said...

Thanks for coming & for calling me sweet!! You're right, they are strange. HAHAHAHAHA Too gamey HAHAHAHAHA you're funny. Coming to read your blog....

utenzi said...

I suspect a kitty like yourself would favor socks over astros.

I Gatti Americani said...

Oreo, Thanks for checking out our blog. It is so nice to make new friends. We have not made very many in Italy. I guess because they don't speak english here. Whatever! We can't wait to look through your blog.

And be careful! That red bird looks HUGE!

Ciao Ciao and meow!
Opus and Roscoe

Anonymous said...

Go Virginia Tech!!!

Our mom loves the Hokies too but told us that bird would probably kick our furry little butts =^..^=
Katie & Gabby in NJ

Oreo said...

I don't much care anymore since the birdies aren't going to the series....socks...warm socks right out of the dryer....gotta go!

Opus & Roscoe,
I am truly sorry you don't have many friends over there. You can come stay at my house anytime you want...Mom, how far is Italy? ....Oh. That's a long way, you don't mind getting wet do you?

Katie & Gabby,
Mom isn't much on college football, she'll watch it if no REAL teams are playing!! But my Dad sure does love it. I think that bird would eat us all given half a chance! Thanks for coming...don't you have a bloggie?

mar said...

Oreo, I am puzzled just like you are... I am an outsider and nobody tells me things. But let's not worry about it and have a happy weekend anyways. Michele sent me.

rashbre said...

To a Brit, this post is sort of in code. The UWPS (unknown words per sentence) co-efficient is higher than normal, so I'll have to concede.

However, I get the general drift that cats like birds - especially cardinals - which seem to be magpies dipped in red paint.

Except for the large fluffy type, which may be cats in disguise? And I assume they play some type of football?

miaows from rashbre

Sanjee said...

Hi Oreo, Sorry the birds didn't win if that's what your beans wanted. Beans are real weird, though, sometimes. My Mommy's going on about some cute pirate down in the Carib-bean. Who is Carib-bean anyways? But anyways, the hokies are neato Virginia things my Mommy says, so we should root for them. I'm not sure but if we gotta root and dig they must be underground somewhere in Virginia. You think they are maybe? Mommy says she was a ram and not a hokie. Is a ram like a big goat? She didn't say, but she said she liked the ram's art school so that's why she wenty there. Goats teach art? I thought they only ate coats and lunchboxes. I think my brain hurts now. I'm going to go take a nap.

Oreo said...

It's just not fair...these people not explaining stuff..

Ok, the Cardinals are a baseball team that my mom likes. They were trying to go to the world series. They aren't. The VT Hokies are a college football team from Virginia that my Dad likes. Thanks for coming by.

I don't know any pirates....
Yeah, they're underground, I'm pretty sure. Mom & Dad have to drive for about a half hour to go see them & I think they said they are in Blacks Burg. Which school is a ram school? Why do they let goats teach, goats don't have any sense...they should let cats teach!!!

Carmi said...

Hi Oreo. I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's bird team. There's always next year, I guess.

Dropped in from Michele's. You are as charming a gato as ever!

Oreo said...

Hi Carmi!! It's ok. She's starting to get used to it! Thank you very much.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

I've always wanted to know what my cat think when I talk to him. Perhaps you might know???

Hi from Michele

Oreo said...

What would you like to know???

Edsel/The Pooch said...

oreo, i think people get way too caught up in all these birds and tigers and lions and blue jays and whatever. they just watch too much stuff on the boxes that talk. they could be spending that time with us!!

Oreo said...

Oh Edsel, You have to pick a team!! This Sunday, turn on the race & help me root for Jimmy!! Maybe if we both root for him he'll keep winning.

-E said...

HAHA Just got eat the birds (birds scare me). Have a great weekend, Michele sent me.

Michelle said...

Sorry bout the birds. Here via michele tonight. Have an excellent weekend!

Beau said...

Humans are weird. I hear them rooting for cardinals, orioles, falcons, and bluejays. What I think is even weirder is rooting for socks...of ANY color! It's just WRONG!!

Oreo said...

HEY!! I would LOVE to eat the birds!

That's ok. Thanks for coming.

Yeah, they should root for cats!!

Anonymous said...

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