Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Well, there's not much going on around here. It's getting cold so there aren't as many buggies or other animals to talk about. I asked Mom what I should post about, she suggested I tell you about the bird I caught. You see me covering my face in shame?

I was outside one evening hanging out in the sunny patch on the back porch when I noticed this little brown birdie. Well, me being a cat & all, seeing this bird just sent chills all over my little body & I decided to see if I could catch it.

I stalked the birdie for a while & it kept flying close to me & then away....teasing me. Well, I taught him, one time he got a little too close & I grabbed him!! I couldn't believe I got it, me, with no claws in the front.

Now that I had him I knew I needed to get him in the house so Mom could see. So in we went, through the cat door. Mom saw me coming & she couldn't tell what I had so she came real close to me. I thought I was in trouble & I let the birdie go.

He flew all over the house. In the living room, in my brother's room, where it pooped on the bed, & finally came to a stop on top of the curtains in Mom & Dad's room, where it pooped. While the birdie was flying all over my Dad was chasin' it with a towel. He finally got it when it landed in their room.

After all I went through to catch it & after all Dad went through to catch it, do you know what they did.........THEY LET IT GO!!!! Yep, they put it outside & it flew away. I was in big trouble there for a while. Good thing they don't hold a grudge.

Bet it will be a long time before that birdie flys near another kitty.


IndyPindy said...


Wow, you are fast to catch that birdie! But it's not a good idea to bring them inside...they just fly all over the place and poop, as you found out.

There is a mockingbird at my grandma's house that doesn't like me, because I chase it. It waits until I am doing #2, then it dive bombs me. Can you come catch it?

Oreo said...

Thank you! I will be more than happy to come catch the bird. BTW, HAHAHAHHAHA

Edsel/The Pooch said...

good job, Oreo. i caught a bird once and brought it in the house. he was very quiet though and just sat in the bathroom 'till my Mom found him. still, she wasn't happy either. sigh. we work so hard and they don't appreciate it!

Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

Wow Oreo! I really want to catch a bird. Mom says I do the butt wiggle everytime I see them out the window. The birds don't come near me when I am out on the balcony though.

Lizzie and Firenze are not as interested in birds. Well, Firenze likes to watch but she doesn't want to catch any of them. Lizzie is just plain lazy and would rather sleep. It's their loss.

Good job and too bad your humans just don't appreciate all that you do.

Knightly aka head monster

Beau said...

Good job and humans so unappreciative! I thought it was funny it flew everywhere in the house and pooped everywhere! Thanks for sharing!

Boni said...

Wow! You did it without front claws even, Oreo! That's impressive. Too bad the humans were so impressed. I am though.

Janet said...

HAHAHA! Oreo had some fun! Lucky bird, must've had some good karma built up :-)

Hi, Michele sent me!

EnergyPaws said...

Wow! Oreo! Great job! Our kitty Chaos used to bring friends in the house too! Only they were the fuzzy kind.. like Mickey or Jerry, but we really don't welcome visitors who aren't invited. Our Mokey used to bring friends in too... only they usually didn't have their heads anymore... they weren't very good company either.

William said...

Didn't your mom get that you meant to share it with her as a way of saying thanks for everything?

utenzi said...

That's quite a feat (feet?) to do without claws, Oreo. I'm sure your Mom was quite proud even if she didn't seem impressed at the time. LOL

Oh, and by the way, I don't believe for one second that you're hiding your face in shame. You're gloating, aren't you, Oreo?

FattyPants said...

I went out and fed the cats! I swear. Thanks for stopping by

Oreo said...

Congrats! I think every puddie should catch at least one birdie.

Knightly, Firenze & Lizzie,
Yeah, they don't appreciate a LOT of what I do! Thanks for coming by.

I thought it was funny too. I guess Mom didn't.

I'm glad I impressed sure are a pretty kitty.......

Maybe his Mom was praying for him back REAL hard????

They sound like they would be fun to hang around. We share the same interests!!

NO!! She's too thick headed I guess. She just thought I wanted to try to eat it or something. She should know better, I NEVER eat what I kill.

She may have been a little proud. But she will never admit it! How did you know I was gloating?!?!?! BTW, how's YOUR (not you're) ankle?!

GOOD!! Thanks for coming by MY blog.

utenzi said...

Thanks for asking, Oreo. Why don't you come around and rub your head against it--it might help me heal faster. I don't mind a little scent left on me.

Oreo said...

OOOHHH, stinky rub on Utenzi...I may have to do that!!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Congrats on catching the birdie!

My newest kitten has the same name as you. Though I have to say, I named my oreo after a bunny who was named after a cookie.

Here via Michele's.

Oreo said...

Ms. Music,
How cool. Hopefully your cat will be as cool as me! Will he be getting his own bloggie?

Anonymous said...

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