Saturday, October 22, 2005


I'm not talking about woofie noses either. I'm talking about the weather. It bites.

See here, Mom tucked me in the bed covers nice & tight. She's such a good Mommie. She's all worried about me cause I keep sneezing. If it gets me this kind of treatment I'll keep doing it!!

I'm gonna take a nap for awhile now.

I woke up & THIS thing was in the living room. I sniffed & sniffed at it but still couldn't figure out what it was.

Mom, what is it already? An umbrella? It keeps you dry in the rain? Uh-oh, it's not gonna rain in the house is it?

I think I'll lay under here anyway, just to be on the safe side!!


FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

Great pics!!

Michele sent me.

Oreo said...

Thanks Fuzzbuck!!

IndyPindy said...

Orea, you are so right. This weather stinks. I don't mind the cold, since I have a double fur coat, but I hate rain!

But you look very cute and cozy tucked into the covers!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Hope you're not getting sick Oreo buddy. Then you'll have to go to the v-e-t.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

i see you had your toys under the umbrella, that was very smart! let us know if it rains in the house, that would be scary.

Timmy said...

Oh neato! You gotted an umbrella thing!? I want one!

Oreo said...

I don't like cold or rain...I really hate rain though! I am 7, mom thinks maybe the cold hurts my joints & stuff. Thanks!!

S, S, & S,
Mom has alrteady thought of that. She doesn't want to take me but if I keep sneezing she will.

Yeah, I didn't want them to get wet either!! ACTUALLY....Dad is in the human brother's bedroom replacing part of the floor RIGHT NOW cause it leaked around the window....but it didn't actually rain in the house.

Yeah it's cool. Mom said we might need it so I can't send it to you but she says you can come down here & play with it!!

sophie said...

Feel better soon, Oreo! Love the umbrella fort you got--how cool!

Michele says hello.

Oreo said...

Thank you for coming Sophie!

Little Tiger said...

oooo, my mommy has one of those umbrella things too. i heard her say once that because we live in south florida, it was really impotent to have one (or something like that). wet noses are no fun either. i sneezed once and my mommie thought i needed to go to the big man in the white coat who sticks me with needles. i tried really hard not to sneeze again after that.

mommies are silly, but they are good to have around. she keeps bugging me to tell you miss...somebody sent me.

Oreo said...

Hi Little Tiger,
You're right, Mommie's are good to have around! They open cans of stinky goodness & baggies of nip & they help you type your bloggie too!! Thanks for coming to see me!!

Nimbus Cat said...

You are awful brave, Oreo. Those freaking umbrellas freak me out! They just sit there for days and days and days and then POP! They explode and triple their size. I just don't like them at all.

Beau said...

I like your pics too! I think 'brellas are both neat and scary. It was nice of your mom to tuck you in when you were sneezy and it was rainy and cold. I hope you don't have to get sticks like I just did! ech!
Love your rain-safe play area!

Boni said...

Oh you look all nice and cozy when your Mom tucked you in, Oreo. That's so nice isn't it :) Moms are goooooooood. You're cute too, especially in the umbrella pictures. I hope it doesn't rain in your house! Oh I almost forgot - Mom said a ram is from VCU but they don't do football but they do basketball but she doesn't know how good because she's not a sports fan. I have to remember to ask her if a sports fan is like the big noisy fan she has on a stick thing that she uses in the summer.
Purrs :)

kenju said...

Oreo, when my mommy leaves her umbrella in the garage to dry, I love to get under it and pretend I am on a stakeout with the cops. I hide and when she passes by I jump out and scare her (but she usually knows it is me and so she doesn't get scared). Enjoy the covers and the sweet treatment, 'cause when it stops raining you may not get treatment like that again! Storm and Eclipse (those 2 black beautiful sisters)

craziequeen said...

cool umberella, Oreo! Our mum has one but she keeps it in the car thing.....

And she's not big on 'tucking us in' just as well we can make ourselves comfortable anywhere, anytime...

Pandora and Charlie

Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

Hi Oreo,

That's a cool umbrella! We like to play with those too but Mom doesn't leave one out too often. But we don't like to be tucked in in bed since it makes it a little harder to escape when someone tries to pounce you.

Stay warm!

The Monsters

kenju said...

Hey, Oreo! I'm glad you want to see my photo. Storm already had hers on the blog - but I have yet to pose well enough for my mom to take a shot of me. Maybe soon, I'll show up.


IndyPindy said...

Oreo, I saw these cartoons online. The one at the top is about frogs, but the ones underneat are about cats and they are funny!

Begered said...

Hi Oreo! Cute pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will have to come back to check out more pictures :)

Miss Kitty said...

Oreo, you are so gosh-darned cute! I'm getting out the GPS and the car keys. I'm going to figure out how to get to Hardy if it takes me 'til Christmas.

Sanjee said...

Oh it's so so nice to curl up under the covers. And you look so cute! I'm not sure about that umbrella thing tho. It looks like a weird cover. But if it rains in the house I guess it's good to have got nearby.

Oreo said...

Don't worry about umbrellas dude. They won't hurt you!! They're pretty cool. They crinkle when you rub your face stuff on them.

Thanks. I'm not sneezin as much today. I don't wanna get sticks!!

Thank you! Mom don't watch of the few sports she doesn't watch!

That sounds cool I'll have to try it! My Mom will never stop tucking me in...she loves to do it, even when I'm not really cold. If I look like I'm the SLIGHTEST bit she comes with something to put on me!

Pandora & Charlie,
Thanks. I like it lots!! I'm sorry your Mom doesn't tuck you in, maybe you could come stay with me & my MOm will tuck you in!! HI Craziequeen!!

K, L, & F,
HA! Who pounces you? My Mom pounces me sometimes.

I think I remember seeing Storm now. I would still like to see Eclipse though!!

HA!! That was funny!

Thanks. I try to post one every day.

Miss Kitty,
YEAH!! YEAH!! I think you take a left at Roanoke.

Yeah, I like to get under them. Thank you! It didn't actually rain in the house but I was ready if it did.

La Bella said...

Rain rain go away!

I hate rain.
Ahhh how your Oreo looks like my ol' Gizmo. [may he R.I.P.]

So cute.

moseskitty said...

We had rain in our house a while back. It made the wood floor all bowey and cool! The people wern't too pleased though.

Oreo said...

AW, I'm sorry La Bella. Poor Gizmo. :(

Sounds like around here. My Dad had to fix the floor in the human brother's room cause rain came in around the window.

Anonymous said...

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