Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The luckiest woman in the world......

A note from mine Mom:
Ok, for anyone who didn't read it yesterday, Jeremy has Mono. And pneumonia. He goes back to the DR Wednesday for more blood work & May 1st for a chest xray to check on the pneumonia. Please keep praying for him, especially since the Dr told me yesterday that we REALLY need to come in Wed. so that he can talk to me about the blood work results..........
Back to the cat............

Alright, does any puddin know what this building is?
This is the Hendrick's museum. (Jimmie Johnson's car owner)

That building there? That is where they build the cars & paint them & film commercials! Oh & Jenn Jeff Gordon's office is in there!

See the sign!

This is the engine department. They didn't get to go in there. Apparently THAT takes an act of congress!
So, here is what happened, Mom & Dad were getting ready to leave Charlotte & she really wanted to go to this place. Well, Dad thought they would be closed but they went anyway. They were closed. BUT! There was a tour bus there, Dad's aunt Linda said "let's just act like we're with them." So they went up there & tried to go in! This man came out & said "Sorry folks, museums closed, this is a private tour."
Well Mom was all depressed, she could see all the Jimmie Johnson merchandise in the gift store that needed buying! So she stood there for a minute just taking it all in & by the time she got outside Dad had talked the tour guide into letting them join the group!!
They gotted to go on the tour & that's why mine Mom is the luckiest woman on earth! Next time I'll be in the suitcase BEFORE they leave!


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Awww good for dad! He is some smooth talker! You mom is very lucky. Our mom wants to go the Philly very badly to see the Flyers & their home ice and take in some games there with a million other people who feel the same way she does all in one place. Glad your moms dream came true.

The Meezers said...

Your daddy is really nice to do that for your mommy. Your mommy is lucky. our mommy was going to go down there and visit a bean friend of hers after christmas, and go to the same place, but her friend decided to run off to the people's rainbow bridge all of a sudden, so she didn't go. she says she will find someone else to go wif and maybe go later this year. it looks like fun, so I'll be shur to hide myself in her suitcase. - Sammy

Magoo, Smudge, Bella & Dolce said...


You need to tell your beans that you need a friend while they are off traveling the country.

A little girl kitty or a little boy might be nice. Someone to keep you company while they are off ignoring your social needs.

Derby said...

so how many suitcases of stuff did your mum bring back???

Jenn said...

Oreo, thanks so much for posting these fun pictures of all the racing stuff! It made me purr ;)

Sanjee said...

Hey, my Mommy says there's a racetrack here in Richmond and if your Mommy goes to see it, you should come and visit! So be sure to jump in the bag first. We can come pick you up from the noisey race place if we gotta. I think Boni can drive. That or we'll make Mommy do it. Glad your Mommy is lucky and gotted to have lotsa fun.

William said...

We'll all be thinking of Jeremy tomorrow and hoping for the best. Take care~

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