Monday, January 30, 2006

For your entertainment.....

Several of you left comments about my new toy...I sure do love it! And someone, I don't remember who & I'm very sorry, asked where you can get replacement feathers. Well, I found out!!

Mom found these at Wally world, which is where she got my toy anyway. You can take the feathers off of the ball, they're just stuck on there with velcro (?). I really don't like the balls anyway. I like the way the other toy whips from one end of the room to the other & it flies & the feathers sound like a real birdie & ....sorry got away from me there!

Anyway, now that I've provided this information for you I think I'll lay here in this box Mom fixed up for me & take a nap! BTW,
I gotted this great button from the nap-a-thon! I'm gonna add it to my side bar later, but I haded to show you! It was SSSOOO much fun!


The Meezers said...

Mommy gotted us those flutter balls for chrissymus. Sammy has eaten all the feathers already

Derby said...


Hey it was so great to hang out together this weekend. Nice to get the gang together and meet whisker to whisker.

Mum says she will help me check out the blog voting thing.

Hmm, the word verification thing starts with VET, NOOOOOOOO.