Friday, December 16, 2005

Secret Paw!!!

I gotted mail! In the mailbox! From my Secret Paw! Guess who it was, nope not gonna tell you.......yet.

Mommie laid it down in the floor so I could check it out. I shook it but I couldn't hear anything, so I got her to open it for me.

OOOHHH, TWO purresents & a card!

Nobody's getting these away from me! I'm opening them RIGHT NOW!

OH, OH, my fav'rite kind of toys...fuzzy ones!!

I rolled all over them so they would smell like me instead of the one who sent them!!

I had to check out the paper too, in fact, after I got done playin' I laid down on the paper for a whole half hour.

Mom thought this was funny, me? Not so much.......

Here I am reading the card the one sent.

Here I am with the paper again.

Ok, my purresies, I really like this one. Momma likes to pull it up on the couch while I attack from the floor.

This purresie, I really like too, so much that I played with him till his nose fell off. I sorry little mouse with feathers. :(

And now, the big unveiling,
my secret paw was none other than the wonderful (& handsome!) KNIGHTLY!!!! Thanks sssooo much Knightly, you bought exactly the right kind of toys. I loves them & I purromise to play with them everyday!


Superhero Bob said...

Cool toys kiddo.

I'm back! Sort of.

IndyPindy said...

Very cute pictures. I'm glad you got such great toys!

Knightly, Lizzie, & Firenze said...

Yay! I am glad that you like them. Have fun and maybe you can take off the ears of the mousie too!


No_Newz said...

Presents and cards! Why didn't I think of that?! Maybe I wouldn't have had to deal with the tinsel dingleberry if I actually got Chip good things to play with. I'm a bad cat mom!
Have a great weekend! Thank you for visiting.
Lois Lane

Boni said...

Those are neato toys, Oreo! Knightly got you really good toys :)

utenzi said...

This is a kitty brain=> O
A kitty brain on drugs=> .

Oreo, just say no!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

You didn't even wait for Christmas?

Edsel/The Pooch said...

wow, way cool! you really look like you had fun! everybody's gettin' to open their presents 'cept for me!!! (your Mom is way nicer than my Mom!!)

M-Fax said...

it is always fun getting mail

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Tell Edsel his moms not evil. Hes spreading false rumors. WOW! You gotted way cool fluffy bouncy toys. This is fun, huh?

colleen said...

My blog was out of commission for nearly 2 days! And the name of my new post is "Ice Ice Baby." It looks like it will be awhile before things will be thawed out and purring along again.

craziequeen said...

looks like fun, Oreo! Hope snotrag and bagcat's Secret Paw likes her gifts as much :-)

But, like Edsel, my felines will not be opening any parcels until Christmas at least :-)

After all, they have to wait for Santy Paws :-)


Plain Jane said...

I just adore this blog!

Peggy said...

Oreo glad your mom let you open your presents. Mom let us open ours and we have had so much fun with them. She won't let us peek in our stockings though or open the present she got us. We are betting we won't get any catnip since Whiskers went crazy and wouldn't share what firenza sent us. Mom finally took it away from him so I could have some. Meowy Christmas Oreo from your cyber honey

utenzi said...

Aren't you playing on Michele's this weekend, little Oreo? Her site is up and flying now.

Max said...

Way cool!

catgirlph said...

Hi Oreo,

You're such a handsome kitty!
My kitties say hi!

Victor said...

Oreo, great toys! I luv fur mousies, too, but my mom always pulls our their noseys because she said they come off too easy and I might swallow it. Do you think the noseys come offa real mousies?

Anonymous said...

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