Friday, March 03, 2006

::Maniacal laugh:: BWAH ha ha ha ha........

There was a comment left by two kitties yesterday who shall remain anonymous. They asked me to do this......

Norm is hidden under the couch, per your instructions W & D!!

Here I am making sure he's under there REAL good.

Mom's looking everywhere for him!! I hear her calling now, gotta go.
BWAH ha ha ha ha


Heather Smith said...

Ha ha! Poor Norm! I guess he should've known better than to steal your pillow!

Peggy said...

Big high paws to you Oreo!! We are doing the happy kitty dance. Mom has a garden frog she brings inside in the winter and we knock him down all the time and try to get rid of him along with Norm... we don't need these creatures around our house!!!
Whiskers and Dimples

utenzi said...

You might want to hide him a little better, Oreo. Humans with their deft little hands are pretty good at rescues.

William said...

Maybe you could cover him with your blanket, too, and hide him real good!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Good Job Oreo! You should move away from tht spot so mom doesn't get suspicious that you did it!

honestyrain said...

people are always saying cats are smarter than humans...does this prove that point? :)

here via michele.

Joe said...

Thanks for stop ny my blog earlier.

Good blog, btw.

Here via Michele.

srp said...

Who is Norm?
Why is he under the couch?
Why is the lady looking for him, he's just boring?
Why are you named Oreo?
Miss Scarlett

PS from the MOM: Cats ask so many questions.

Sanjee said...

You're somefin else!