Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Issues :)

Well, Norm is gone now. On his way to Kentucky. I kinda miss him, even if he was always watching me & stuff! :) Mom sent a purresent with him for Dimples, oh, & Whiskers too.

I haven't posted a'cause our computers had to get four- matted & I don't have any picture programs on them right now. Hopefully tomorrow you will be able to see my be-you-tea-full face!


Patches & Mittens said...

Mine Mom always gets all crabby, crabby when she has to get our computer re-4-matted. I stay away till she gets over the crabbies. So does Dad and Mittens, we keep furry quiet and know not to bother her.

Hope Norm has a good trip. Maybe your Mom should get you your furry own Norm like guy.

Peggy said...

Dimples hid moms cord so she can't download her pictures from her memory card. (didn't know she had her memory on a card!) Anyways mom isn't happy and is trying to find the cord so we are staying out of her way too. Thanks for taking care of Norm. We can't wait to sniff Norm so we will know your scent.
Dimples says hi but she is hiding from mom right now.

utenzi said...

Can't wait to see your beautiful face again, Oreo. It's one of those joys that just keeps on giving. Make sure Mom gives you some extra catnip tonight, huh?

Fat Eric said...

At least you can have some peace now that Norm is gone. I don't have a gnome pestering me but I was attacked by a remote control tonight and I have a big bump on my head!