Saturday, February 04, 2006

For Smeagol & Strider....

Mom just found out that today is Scooby, Shaggy, & Scout's Mom's birthday!! Lynne has become a very good furriend to mine Mom so effurrybody be nice & go tell her Happy Purrthday!!!

Mine Mom promised to post some pictures of her Mustang acause Smeagol & Strider's Mommie (They don't got's a bloggie yet) really likes them too. So here it is.

This am what he looked like when he ran over Mom.

Factory wheels, big ole 2" cowl hood. No ground effects. Just an ole LX.

Factory spoiler. They had put the GT exhust on it already acause they knew they were going to fix it up eventually. Also, you can't tell real good in these pictures but it had red interior.

This am the baby now. New wheels & wider tires. New spoiler, it's open in the middle where the other one wasn't. GT ground effects. New, darker tint on the quarter & rear windows.

New hood, less cowl & ram air inducted. Smoked headlights & fog lights. This is actually a Stalker front bumper cover. (Fitting for this particular car!) It has black interior now, except for the seats acause they am very hard to find! Hence the Walmart eyeball seat covers in the front! (They do kinda go with the whole stalker thing!) The car still took 3rd place in the Roanoke Valley Mustang Club's annual car show though.

You didn't think I was going to post a bunch of pictures & not have one of me did you!? They kept the front bumper cover in the house until it got painted (you might be a redneck....) & I REALLY liked to lay in the fog light holes. So, there it is. Now, Smeagol & Strider, talk your Mom into a bloggie!!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Great pictor, Oreo.
CONGRATULATIONS on 100,000 at Psychokitty's site. We were 99,999 and 100,001 and "Bill" was also 100,001 'cause of sites being on more than one server, whatever that is.
Good for you, OREO!!!

Maria said...

Well this is the perfect car for a trip to the vet....but hopefully only for your yearly routine shots.

Smeagol & Strider said...

Wow Oreo! Mom says thanks for postin' the pictures and that your Mom's got a great lookin' Mustang!! Last night we saw her sneakin' a look at the blogger registration thingie. She thought we were sleepin'...
Congrats on being 100,000 too!

Beau said...

COOL CAR! Mom likes Mustangs too, but the older ones.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

it ran over your Mom?

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

CONGRATS OREO! It's your lucky week. You gotted the picture prize and won on Max's blog!!! Lets fo to Vegas buddy! Right now!!!

utenzi said...

Those are some freaky seat covers, Oreo.

The car is great, at least the new one is. It's hard to like a car that tries to kill you so the old Mustang isn't so nice. Fords can be a mite mean at times, Oreo.