Saturday, September 21, 2013


Doods, it's me, Oreo....I'm here cause I have a message from the bridge. My son Jamesie joined me here yesterday. He had gotten furry sick with dye-a-beet-tees. His mom Amber is all way sad cause she has had him for almost all of his 14 years. My momma gived her Jamesie when he was 8 weeks old! Acause of that I don't amember him furry well but I'm gonna enjoy getting to know him now. Please go by his blog thing & leef her a message or you can leef one here for her. Schmaybe it will help ease her pain a little.

Mine Momma am all way sad cause Jamesie was the last link her had to me. Her luffed Jamesie cause he was a great cat but also cause he made her feel like I was still here in a way. Her is gonna miss him furry much.

Rest in peace Jamesie. You will always be in our hearts.

I miss

I miss your warm furry body cuddled next to mine at night.

Your whiskers tickling my cheek as you give me kisses.

The way you always ran to greet me at the door.

The sweet sound of your little voice saying hello, come rub me.

The way you always knew when it was time to eat!

The excited look in your eyes every time I went to the kitchen.

The moth dust on the carpet from your mighty pounce.

The sight of you laying on the back of the couch, watching for me to come in.

The weight of you in my lap.

Your soft, soft fur under my hand.

Your beautiful eyes looking deep into mine, seeing my soul.

I miss YOU my sweet Oreo.

Always loved, always remembered.

Friday, May 24, 2013

New blog thingy!!!

I have decided to start a new blog. Not a cat blog, this one is about me & my struggles with PTSD. Please join me at my new blog!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My new job!!

            I was truly astonished to see that people are still coming by this blog on a daily basis! I had no idea! Thank you, very much.

            I actually wanted to post today because I have started a new business selling essential oils. If you are like I was you probably don't know much about them other than they smell good, but in actuality they can be used to treat a whole bunch of stuff! I know some of you are really into healing naturally & I think that's a wonderful thing & I would like to help you do that! Please go to this site, it's a list of what can be treated using essential oils. If you're interested please go to my personal site HERE or just contact me, most of you have my email, & I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.

            Thanks again to those of you still coming by here everyday & I'm sorry you haven't had any new content to read until now! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Update for anybody paying attention ;)

Hey everybody ( & everycat). I've gotten a couple of comments on here checking on me & it warms my heart (very much so) every time that happens. The last few years have been VERY hard on me. I left my husband & got an apartment, shortly after that my mom passed away. A few months later Oreo went to the bridge. A few months after that I started having very bad anxiety & panic attacks. Long story short I'm now living with a dear friend because I can't stand to be alone, I'm divorced, in counseling & struggling to find a medication I can take...I seem to be allergic to everything. ;) My counselor tells me I have latent anxiety (basically post traumatic stress disorder) from when I was run over. That dang car is STILL kickin my butt!! (Speaking of which if anybody wants to buy it I'm trying to get rid of it. Counselor thinks I'd be better off if I did.)

So anyway, I'm sorry I don't have anything good to say, no happy updates, no new kitty stories for you guys but I'm alive & kickin & would greatly appreciate any & all prayers you guys can spare. I've thought about starting a new blog, an anxiety blog but most of what I would have to say is very depressing & extremely personal & I wouldn't want certain people who would use that information against me to have it. SSSOOO...I'm not sure where my life is going, but it's dragging me along with it kicking & screaming!! I'll come by here whenever anyone asks & in the meantime Beau's mom & Timmy's mom & lots of others have my email if anyone wants to use it. Course I obviously still get notified if you leave a comment here. ;)

I hope & pray that you're all doing well, you're in my thoughts often & I miss the camaraderie that this community has. Take care & keep in touch.


Monday, September 07, 2009

We need some help

Hi, my name is Dreamsicle. I am 10 weeks old today. I need some help.

My Mommie & I REALLY need to find a good, safe, loving home to go to. The place where we are living now, well, it's not safe. There is a huge doggie that loves to eat kitties, for real, & the lady who owns the house doesn't keep the door closed so he can't get to us. Heather is very afraid for us. She says to tell you that I am one of the sweetest kitties she's ever known, I love to cuddle & give kisses & be held & I REALLY love to play. I am litter box trained & have had a dose of Advantage so I don't have fleas. My Momma is also very sweet but VERY over protective of me. She would probably not do well with other kitties. There is the possiblity that she could be pregnant again....(see irresponsible owner above). She will need to be fixed either way. Please, if anyone knows of someone who wants a kitty, let us know, the sooner the better.

That's my Momma. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


I was 8 weeks old when Momma found me.
I was in the paper, free to good home.
She came to see me & picked me up
& instantly I was loved.

As we drove she picked my name.
He looks like an Oreo cookie she said
& on the radio a commercial came.
Wouldn't you know it, Oreo's!
And I knew I was loved.

I SO liked to play & chase things.
She bought me lots of toys.
She cuddled with me all the time
& I knew I was loved.

She brought me home a girlfriend,
she was fixed, or so we thought,
a few months & 6 kittens later
& still, I was loved.

We moved a few times,
I met new people & saw new places.
She was always there to comfort me
& I knew I was loved.

My human brothers drove me crazy
so loud & noisy.
But they rubbed & cuddled
& played with me
& I knew I was loved.

We met my Daddy 8 years ago
& we moved to his home.
Lots of space to run & chase
& I knew I was loved.

I started to slow down some,
getting older you know.
So they held me closer
& rubbed me more
& I knew I was loved.

I started a blog & met lots of cats
from all over this great big world.
I made lots of friends who cared for me
& I knew I was loved.

I got really sick last week
Momma took me to the vet.
Try this they said &
she tried so hard
& I knew I was loved.

Today I left my Momma
& she is so very sad.
I'm in a better place, she knows.
She helped me to get here,
held me close & hugged me tight
& I knew I was loved.

I was a good, good kitty
Momma told me so,
she asked Jesus to comfort me
& gave me up to Him,
& I knew I was loved.

I'm glad she did,
I'll wait here for her.
Till we're together again
I know that I am loved.

June 15, 1998 - April 27, 2009
You are missed & you ARE loved.

New adventures

Doods & doodettes, you guys am never gonna beleef where I is. I is in the coolest place a kitty cood efur be.

Momma taked me back to mine vet dis mornin cause I quit eatin & was juss layin around & stuffs & her was furry worried bout me. So he chekded me out & he sayed that I had lost anoffur pound since last Toosday & I had some ur-rat-tic ulskers in mine mouff from tha kidney deese & he sayed that they cood put me in tha hopspittle on tha eye vees but that he dint fink it wood help me.

Mine Momma cryed & cryed & helded me & cryed sum more but then her tolded Dr. Rolfe that he cood do it. He leaved tha room & Momma helded me close & tolded me that it was all gonna be all rite now that he was gonna take away mine pain & he did! He gived me a shot in tha arm & I felled asleep but then I waked up & I am in the awesumest place efur!

There am sqwerrels & birdies to chase & there am allays a nice sunspot fur me to lay in. They gots my fancy feast here too & lotsa cold fresh water. I fink I is here to wate for Momma. Den I fink that nice man Jesus that Momma am allays talkin bout am gonna come get us & take us to liff wiff Him. I kant wate!

Fur now, I want to say fank you to all of mine furriends who purrayed fur me to get better. It am ok, don be sad, I don hurt anymore. So them purrayers, they werked, in the onliest way they cood. Fanks you furry much fur bein my furriends. I will see you all again. Gudbye fur now.

Pee Ess Momma sayed her will come back in a few daze & put up a post fur me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sad & disappointed

Ok, I know it's been forever since I posted & forever since I posted before that & I am sorry but the last couple of years have been miserable.

I had a request a couple of weeks ago that I do a post & I knew Oreo had a vet appointment coming up so I decided to wait so I could do it about that. Well, I took him to the vet on Tuesday. His urine was not right, his heart rate was too high & he has developed a slight murmur, he has lost 3 pounds (he only weighed 8 to begin with). Now, we knew he had been acting funny & that he had lost weight over the last few months but didn't realize how much, he's always been so little anyway. He's still eating but not like he used to, very little in fact.

They called yesterday with his bloodwork results & his kidney's are failing & he's anemic because of that. They put him on some meds & some special food, which he seems to like, & said he would like to see a change for the better in about a week. I assume we will have to take him in at that time for more bloodwork. The vet told me that he's seen some cats take to the meds & the food very well & live for another year or a year & a half, but he's also seen some that it didn't help at all. I am, obviously, very worried about him, & I would appreciate any & all prayers for him.

I promise to keep you updated as I know anything & I also promise that when things calm down I will explain to you all the reasons I stopped blogging. That's the sad part of my title, the disappointed part is this, I had 145-150 emails where someone had left comments on my blog & this happened yesterday, a day when I really needed the encouragement, I thought God had put it on someone's heart to start a comment capaign to get me started again. :) Turns out, I got spammed!!! I only checked about 5 of those emails before I just deleted them all so if you left a comment that's why I didn't see it.

Thank you to those of you who still ask after us, who still care. You are few but very appreciated. I will post again soon.